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Tales of Borderlands 2
Tales of Borderlands 2

Telltale Games Working on Tales of Borderlands 2 – Rumor

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According to a Reddit users who goes by the name ‘Hereitismydude’, Tales From the Borderlands 2 and Poker Night 3 is currently being developed by Telltale Games. The redditor is known for having previously leaked information from other Telltale’s games. He was accurate on the Batman Shadows Edition and Wolf Among Us.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Tales from the Borderlands 2 is going to happen in the future (already planned to be Telltale’s next big game, but it will still be a few years until its revealed) Gearbox is working out a deal for Telltale to have season 1 back as we speak, AdHoc is on board for season 2. Poker Night 3 is going to happen, but it isn’t planned on being called Poker Night 3, overall early stages of development but not super early, it isnt planned on being that big of a game. Being made by Telltale and only Telltale, AdHoc has no involvement in Poker Night 3.

Hereitismydude claims that Tales From The Borderlands 2 is receiving help from AdHoc Studio, and considering how accurate his information has been in the past this might be very probable of being true. AdHoc Studio was also responsible for for helping Telltale Games to Release The Walking Dead: The Final Season for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Telltale Games surprisingly was closed in late 2018, but has now been brought back to action under a new ownership, the hope was to bring back their catalogue of titles and eventually release new games under the Telltale name.

On December 2019, it was revealed that the development of The Wolf Among Us 2 was resumed, the game is being developed with the help of AdHoc Studio, a group of former Telltale Games’ developers.

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