World War Z Sales Are About to Surpass 2 Million Units

World War Z

One of the unexpected launches of the Spring that we barely gave it a chance to succeed in sales with an eye-catching number was Saber Interactive’s World War Z. Although the third-person co-op shooter from the developers of Inversion got mediocre reviews, it did perform undeniably solid when it comes to sales. Reaching the top […]

Massive New Update ‘Undead Sea’ Available For World War Z

World War Z Undead Sea Update

Focus Home Interactive announced a new update for their zombie shooter, World War Z. The new update titled ‘Undead Sea’ brings forth tons of new features, a new mission in Tokyo, a new zombie type and more. Check out the new trailer for the Undead Sea update below: The new update adds a slew of […]

World War Z Has Sold Nearly 2 Million Copies in a Month

World War Z

Multiplayer titles have always had a big chance of succeeding in financial performance, regardless of how they appear in terms of content quality. However, I think most of us were underestimating World War Z, probably since our eyes were captivated by titles like Days Gone, Mortal Kombat 11 and Rage 2. But anyway, Saber Interactive’s […]

World War Z Post-Launch Contents Revealed

World War Z

World War Z was one of those popular best-selling movies and so is the video game of it. With hitting one million copies sold in the first week of release, World War Z has gathered a great community for it, as the game needed such a thing for its multiplayer co-op based gameplay. As a […]

World War Z Exceeds PC Sales Due To Epic Games Exclusivity

World War Z Exceeds Sales Expectations

Hot off it’s recent release on PC and consoles, World War Z has already surpassed one million units sold across all platforms combined. More than a quarter of those sales came on the PC platform which is exclusive to the Epic Game Store. The developer, Saber Interactive, has been vocal about their decision to make […]

World War Z Sold More Than 1 Million Copies At Launch Week

World War Z

Fighting against hundreds of zombies and trying to survive have always been a breath-taking experience with so much unexpected exciting moments on the way, and it gets funnier if you do survive in a team-based gameplay along with your friends. So many games have attempted to deliver such a great company between players to create […]

World War Z Stood At the 1st Place in UK Sales Chart

World War Z

Another week has begun and as usual, its time to take a look at UK Sales chart during last week, when we had a new launch from Saber Interactive and also Spring sales discounts that helped so many titles to sell more and get back to the chart once again. Let’s start with World War […]

World War Z Launch Trailer Showcases The Real Mess Within The World

World War Z

Zombie Shooter enthusiasts cant get happier than this as they are going to jump into Northwest Pacific forests to survive in a land full of zombies on April 26th, but before you play as Deacon St. John, there is another chance to stand against hordes of zombies in a story-driven co-op experience on April 16th. […]

Saber Interactive Is Developing Two Ambitious Games

Saber Interactive

Saber Interactive, the studio behind World War Z, has renewed its partnership with Focus Home Interactive in terms of publishing their upcoming games. While previously Dontnod had renewed its contract with the publisher and revealed its plans for an ambitious project in the future, Saber Interactive has done the same recently, with promising two upcoming […]

World War Z Latest Trailer Showcases Tokyo

World War Z

Paramount Pictures has cancelled the upcoming sequel for World War Z movie and it was awkward for the fans, but still there is another opportunity to fight against numerous armies of zombies all over the world. Saber Interactive, the studio behind Inversion and Time Shift, is now developing a co-op zombie shooter, inspired by World […]