World War Z
World War Z

World War Z Sales Are About to Surpass 2 Million Units

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One of the unexpected launches of the Spring that we barely gave it a chance to succeed in sales with an eye-catching number was Saber Interactive’s World War Z.

Although the third-person co-op shooter from the developers of Inversion got mediocre reviews, it did perform undeniably solid when it comes to sales. Reaching the top spot of UK Sales chart in the launch week and succeeding to sell over one million copies during the first week of release, were some of the game’s honorable records at launch. Now, Saber Interactive has announced that the number of unit sales is on the edge of 2 million copies.

According to Matthew Karch, CEO at Saber Interactive, World War Z has sold almost 2 million units across all platforms. PC and Epic Games Store has the majority of the sales with more than 700K units which guarantees the success of Focus Home Interactive’s decision on signing an exclusive contract with EGS team. Karch said:

We always believed the game would find a good following on PC eventually. The surprise was just how quickly it happened, and how important Epic’s platform was in getting us there.

On the PC specifically, we are performing way above expectations thanks to the support we have received from the Epic Games Store.

Following the financial success of the game, Karch also spoke about the negative vibe around Epic Games Store exclusivity and compared it to console-exclusive titles which make you to buy a new device because of a game you want to play.

We don’t see backlash when console manufacturers create games that are just for their hardware, and buying a system for a game is obviously a much more onerous requirement. My hope is that once there is feature parity on the PC platforms, we won’t hear as much complaining.

World War Z is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC for $34.99.

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