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Saber Interactive
Saber Interactive

Saber Interactive Is Developing Two Ambitious Games

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Saber Interactive, the studio behind World War Z, has renewed its partnership with Focus Home Interactive in terms of publishing their upcoming games. While previously Dontnod had renewed its contract with the publisher and revealed its plans for an ambitious project in the future, Saber Interactive has done the same recently, with promising two upcoming ambitious titles.

The studio is now working on World War Z to release it on April 16th for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but shortly before that, Saber Interactive has started working on a new co-op based title that will bring an spectacular fun and entertaining gameplay to the players. On the other hand, they are also preparing for another project which is called the studio’s most ambitious title so far which will AAA-quality experience with the support of one of the crucial licenses in Games Workshop universe.

John Bert from Focus Home Interactive praised the vision of Saber Interactive in developing games and utilizing creative ideas “like both the impressive World War Z “Swarm Engine” or the MudRunner “Advanced Physics Engine” allowing the studio to cook outstanding and unique gaming experiences.”

On the other hand, CEO of Saber Interactive Matthew Karch said:

In our two decades of game development, we have found Focus to be one of the most talented and dedicated publishers. We are excited to have the opportunity to expand our relationship with such a fantastic team. We can’t wait to share more about what lies ahead.

Saber Interactive has published two games so far with the collaboration of Focus Home Interactive and with the renewal contract that signed between the companies, the partnership will be expanded in the following years.

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