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World War Z
World War Z

World War Z Launch Trailer Showcases The Real Mess Within The World

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Zombie Shooter enthusiasts cant get happier than this as they are going to jump into Northwest Pacific forests to survive in a land full of zombies on April 26th, but before you play as Deacon St. John, there is another chance to stand against hordes of zombies in a story-driven co-op experience on April 16th. World War Z is finally ready to drop on storefronts and whether you like it or not, the recently released launch trailer looks excitement enough to drag you into the different locations within the world to fight against walkers.

Saber Interactive, the studio behind the game, has been showcasing the different features of the game in the road to release and finally the time has come for the launch trailer to hype the community for release of the game within next week. World War Z features both story-driven campaign and multiplayer sections in co-op mode. During story missions, along with your friends, you will fight against zombies in 4 different locations including New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Jerusalem. The game contains multiple classes with different abilities, allowing you to find the best one that suits your combat style. On the other hand, multiplayer section includes a PvPvZ mode, along with typical co-op that will face you against both zombies and other groups of players to experience a crazy intense type of battle. Here you can check out the launch trailer for the upcoming third person shooter:

World War Z will be available on Tues day for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Fortunately, the game is not Epic Games Store exclusive, so you can purchase it from your favorite stores, including Steam.

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