New Gameplay Footage Of Nightdive Studios’ System Shock Remake Released

System Shock Remake Gameplay Footage

The world of System Shock is making it’s way back to the video game universe with both a remake of the original and a third installment in the series. Both games are being developed by separate studios, with System Shock 3 revealing itself in a short teaser trailer revealed by developers OtherSide Entertainment at last […]

System Shock 3 Receives ‘Shocking’ Teaser Trailer At GDC

System Shock 3 Teaser Trailer Released

While many fans of the iconic System Shock series are eagerly awaiting the reboot of the game from Nightdive Studios, another release appears to be on its way in the System Shock universe as developers OtherSide Entertainment unleashed a new teaser trailer for their upcoming sequel, System Shock 3. During the Unity showcase at GDC, […]

System Shock Remake also coming to PS4

System Shock Remake also coming to PS4 The team have announced that the game will now also be coming to PS4. While a Sony platform was not part of any of the project’s initial stretch goals, Nightdive describe this latest announcement as “a thank you to our backers that put their faith in us.” The […]

System Shock Kickstarter Campaing Announced

System Shock

System Shock Kickstarter Campaing Announced The breakthrough First-person Shooter / Role Playing Game hybrid and one of the most influential video games ever produced, System shock, is being given a full reboot by the team at Nightdive Studios launching a Kickstarter campaign to allow fans of the franchise to help with the financing of the game. Check out […]