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System Shock
System Shock

System Shock Remake Hoping For 2022 Release

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System Shock has had a remake in development for several years now. Nightdive, the developers behind this remake, has now stated that the wait is hopefully almost over for the game, reiterating that it is indeed still happening and that they are now aiming for a 2022 release date for it.

Nightdive has partnered with Prime Matters, Koch Media’s new publishing label that was introduced during E3 2021, for the release of the System Shock Remake. It was explained in a Kickstarter update that this partnership will allow the studio to achieve a simultaneous release for the game across PC and Consoles, which is set to include PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series systems.

The post also maintained that backers of the remake are still set to receive their rewards, with access to a beta coming to them in 2022 as well. Nightdive also stated that System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is also coming along nicely, with the goal still being to release it in the same window as the System Shock remake.

The road for the System Shock remake has been a long and winding one with the title having seen many demos and dates up to this point. Going back several years to when we had gotten our first look at the remake, it was still looking impressive, though it is welcomed news that Prime Matters has intervened to help the team in their final development push to release the game next year.

System Shock is a cyberpunk FPS that sees players take on the role of an unnamed hacker tasked with shutting down a malevolent AI named SHODAN aboard a space station. Both it and its sequel are highly regarded for their place in the history of the industry, and other popular franchises Deus Ex and Bioshock are spiritual successors to the two games.

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