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SHODAN from the upcoming System Shock 3 title
SHODAN from the upcoming System Shock 3 title

New System Shock 3 Gameplay Teaser Revealed

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There’s a lot of news surrounding the iconic System Shock series with a remake of the original in the works, an enhanced release heading over of the second title and a completely new third installment also in development. Otherside Entertainment, the studio behind System Shock 3, is working hard on the new installment, and they’ve decided to share a few bits of footage of gameplay in the latest teaser trailer for the game.

The new gameplay teaser of the game can be viewed below:

The gameplay footage is only the game in its pre-alpha stage, but looks promising nonetheless. So far, we’ve only seen small details and a quick trailer for the upcoming sequel, so the new footage is a welcome bit of information and footage for fans awaiting a new game in the iconic sci-fi shooter series.

It was revealed rather recently that Nightdive Studios was working on bringing back the sequel, System Shock 2, with an enhanced edition. The studio previously released an enhanced edition of the original System Shock title, so fans of the series have plenty to check out before the third installment hits.

Right now, both Nightdive Studios and Otherside Entertainment have their hands full with the System Shock name, and it seems like a race tot he finish to see who will release their System Shock project first. While the enhanced edition of System Shock 2 should see the light of day before anything, the remake of the original, which is being handled by Nightdive Studios, and the new System Shock 3 title will be watched carefully as diehard fans of the series surely don’t want to see the iconic shooter mishandled.

So far, there’s no current release date, window or announced platforms (though, we assume PC) confirmed for either the System Shock Remake or System Shock 3.

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