System Shock 3 Teaser Trailer Released

System Shock 3 Receives ‘Shocking’ Teaser Trailer At GDC

While many fans of the iconic System Shock series are eagerly awaiting the reboot of the game from Nightdive Studios, another release appears to be on its way in the System Shock universe as developers OtherSide Entertainment unleashed a new teaser trailer for their upcoming sequel, System Shock 3.

During the Unity showcase at GDC, OtherSide gave fans a quick look at the A.I. SHODAN from the upcoming continuation of the series that revolutionized the sci-fi genre. What first started as leap into the free-exploration style of gameplay, the industry hasn’t seen a new proper System Shock since the release of System Shock 2 in 1999. However, both the Deus Ex and Bioshock series are noted as being spiritual successors to the System Shock titles.

Now, with two new System Shock titles currently in development – System Shock Reboot and System Shock 3 – by two different studios, there suddenly seems to be a resurgence in the core series.

Check out the new teaser for System Shock 3 below:

While no official release has been confirmed for either title, there’s still plenty to look forward to if you’re a long-time System Shock fan.

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[…] and a third installment in the series. Both games are being developed by separate studios, with System Shock 3 revealing itself in a short teaser trailer revealed by developers OtherSide Entertainment at last […]