Splinter Cell Series Might Get a VR Game, Says The Information

Splinter Cell

If we don’t get a sequel for Splinter Cell series until the end of 2020, it would be a generation without having a new title in the franchise. However, even if we get something about Sam Fisher and his dangerous missions, it might not be the one that we are waiting for. According to a […]

Ubisoft Will Release 3 Unannounced Games Till April 2020


First big announcement of Ubisoft in 2019 happened just a few days ago with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint sneaking into online stealth co-op based titles of this year after the great success of The Division 2 in the first quarter of 2019. But the French publisher still has cards up its sleeve, as the new image […]

5 More BC Games Get Xbox One X Enhanced; Ninja Gaiden II Added

Ninja Gaiden 2 Added To Xbox One BC

The Inside Xbox event has revealed the newest additions to the backwards compatible program on the Xbox One. The newest title to hit the BC program is the quick-reflex Ninja Gaiden II which comes with One X enhancements. Along with the addition of Ninja Gaiden II hitting the Backwards Compatible program, five more titles received […]