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Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell shooting bad guys
Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell shooting bad guys

Ubisoft Hints at Different Forms of Splinter Cell Titles in the Future

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Splinter Cell fans have been clamoring for a new release in the stealth operative series for quite some time now. To no avail, it has appeared that the series is lying dormant for the time being, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Sam Fisher and his elusive tactical adventures.

When speaking with GamerSky, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that the company still plans to release new entries in the Splinter Cell universe, but may be a bit different than what fans are expecting.

“There will be some new types of experiments, but on more different devices. We are working a little bit on the brand today to come back at one point. We can’t say when, because, as you know, it takes time. But each time we have to find the right experience to come back big.” – Yves Guillemot

So, while Splinter Cell has been confirmed to be alive and new titles may indeed be in the planning stages, it’s unsure as to how different they’ll be. With the recent announcement of the mobile title Elite Squad during this year’s E3 event which includes Sam Fisher among other characters from the coveted Tom Clancy franchise, we’re not entirely sure what else to expect from this bit of info.

Ghost Recon Wildlands received an update which included a Splinter Cell crossover missions featuring Sam Fisher himself. This alone should signal that Ubisoft is far from finished with the series, especially considering the dedicated fan base to the series. Stay tuned for more details on what lies ahead for the future of the stealth action series.

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Source: GamerSky

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