DriveClub Director Explains Recent Delisting Decision

Driveclub Delisting Clarification

News broke recently that the cult-favorited PS4 racing title DriveClub will be delisted from the PSN this coming August. While many fans have endured this mostly successful exclusive racing title, many wondered why the current generation game is being removed form the store. Well, in a tweeted statement from the former director of DriveClub, Paul […]

Driveclub to Get Removed from Playstation Store in 5 Months


Racing genre fans, specially those who own PS4, have had a lot of fun and enjoyable moments with Driveclub, as one of the exclusive racing games that came out during early years of current generation, from the developers of MotorStorm and although the game succeeded in getting heart-warming feedback from the players, mediocre review scores […]

Wushu Studios, Formed By Driveclub Devs, Is Working On New Sci-Fi IP

Wushu Studios

Wushu Studios, Formed By Driveclub Devs, Is Working On New Sci-Fi IP Former Driveclub and MotorStorm developers atĀ Evolution Studios, have taken the initiative to start their own studio and, finally create a new IP which is not a racing title after all. Founded in August 2017, the team is helmed by veteran AAA developers behind […]

Driveclub developer Evolution has been shut down by Sony

Driveclub Developer Evolution Has Been Shut Down by Sony Evolution Studios, the company behind the troubled racing game DriveClub, has been shut down by Sony. In a statement Sony said it would try to move some staff onto other projects, but redundancies are expected. Here’s the statement in full: “Regular reviews take place throughout SCE […]