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Wushu Studios, Formed By Driveclub Devs, Is Working On New Sci-Fi IP

Wushu Studios, Formed By Driveclub Devs, Is Working On New Sci-Fi IP

Former Driveclub and MotorStorm developers at Evolution Studios, have taken the initiative to start their own studio and, finally create a new IP which is not a racing title after all.

Founded in August 2017, the team is helmed by veteran AAA developers behind the highly successful MotorStorm and Driveclub franchises, as well as fresh talent from around the world. Leadership is comprised of studio founder Alan McDermott (former Evolution Studios, PlayStation), design director Nigel Kershaw (former Evolution Studios, PlayStation, Deep Silver, Revolution Software), and art director Stuart Trevor (former Evolution Studios, PlayStation).

Currently supporting a team of 11 and expanding, Wushu Studios formed with a goal of moving away from the AAA grind to create games with interesting mechanics, unique concepts and to deliver fun, refreshing gameplay experiences to players. While Wushu Studios is not ready to talk about their new game in detail just yet, they did confirm that prototyping began in September 2017 using Unreal Engine 4, and it is a brand-new IP with a tantalizing and unexpected take on the science fiction genre.

Studio leadership is made up of the following developers:

Founder Alan McDermott (former Evolution Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Studio lead and a passionate gamer himself, Alan spent many years as audio director on the highly successful MotorStorm and Driveclub franchises at Evolution Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment. In pursuit of other creative avenues, Alan left Sony after 11 years and worked as creative director on the critically acclaimed VR god-game Tethered in 2016.

Since then, Alan has been focused on bringing together a talented and passionate crew of former colleagues, industry veterans and exciting emerging talent to develop a unique and compelling new game concept.

Design director Nigel Kershaw (former Evolution Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Deep Silver,
Revolution Software)

Nigel director, has been working in the video games industry for nearly 30 years from the heydays of Ocean Software all the way to Deep Silver, Sumo Digital, and Evolution Studios where he was game director on the highly popular MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.

Art director Stuart Trevor (former Evolution Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment)

An industry veteran of 15 years, Stuart heads up the artistic side of the party as studio art director, having previously been lead artist and creative lead at Evolution Studios. He also possesses an established work history on other major IPs and brands such as Dark Souls, Saint’s Row, Sega, Adidas, and Ford in the areas of art and visual effects, trailer production, motion graphics, and more.

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