Driveclub to Get Removed from Playstation Store in 5 Months

Racing genre fans, specially those who own PS4, have had a lot of fun and enjoyable moments with Driveclub, as one of the exclusive racing games that came out during early years of current generation, from the developers of MotorStorm and although the game succeeded in getting heart-warming feedback from the players, mediocre review scores had a bad influence on its marketing, leading to fail in sales and not meeting the expectations of Sony, as the publisher of the game and owner of the studio. Now, it’s been a while that Sony has defunct Evolution Studios, but their latest game was still live, which is going to be buried beside the studio in following months.

Sony has officially announced today that Driveclub and it’s all after launch contents, along with Driveclub VR will be removing from Playstation Store on August 30. So if you’ve purchased the game previously, you will be able to play it again but if you don’t own it, there are just a few months left to grab it from PS Store. The bad news is not ending here, as Sony added all the multiplayer features of the game won’t be available as of the aforementioned date, due to the shut down of the servers in 2020.

Regarding all these actions, it’s safe to say that Driveclub is going to be half dead in 5 months. It’s only playable part will be single-player features and with no development team for any supporting actions, Driveclub will come to an end during this year.

Share your ideas about Sony’s action and tell us about your best memories with Driveclub and other Evolution Studios titles in the past. For more news from gaming industry, follow us on Twitter.

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