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Driveclub Delisting Clarification
Driveclub Delisting Clarification

DriveClub Director Explains Recent Delisting Decision

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News broke recently that the cult-favorited PS4 racing title DriveClub will be delisted from the PSN this coming August. While many fans have endured this mostly successful exclusive racing title, many wondered why the current generation game is being removed form the store.

Well, in a tweeted statement from the former director of DriveClub, Paul Rustchynsky, he explains why the move was made; and it’s not as complicated as some may think.

With the moderate success found within the DriveClub name, including a VR release in 2016, many fans were curious as to why the racing gem was being delisted. Rustchynsky explains that the licensing for the game will be expired soon and that the delisting is common practice within the industry for games reaching the 5 year mark. Noting that a 5 year licensing agreement is standard in the industry.

So for fans who have yet to try out the exciting DriveClub title, or those who have enjoyed the game but do not yet own the title – your time is running out. If you would like to purchase the title, but would like to hold off on downloading the game – the game will still be available in your download list passed the August 30, 2019 delisting date. As long as the game is purchased, it will stay in your library for future use.

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