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Anthem Loot, Builds, and Gear: How it Works and Our Thoughts

Just last night we got an epic treat from the devs of Anthem, as Ben and Darrin (both producers on Anthem), set out to show us exactly what we’ll spend the majority of our time focussed on in the game. If you haven’t guessed already what that system is going to be, it’s Loot. Today we’ll be diving into those systems and what you can expect when gearing up your Javelin suits in Anthem.

Blizzcon 2018: Diablo Immortal Announced

Blizzcon 2018: Diablo Immortal Announced I hope you guys like Diablo on the go, and no we are not talking about the Nintendo Switch version, we are talking about a more “pocket size” game,  because during at Blizzcon...