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BlizzCon 2019
BlizzCon 2019

What We Want and Expect from BlizzCon 2019

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BlizzCon is a convention run by Blizzard in order to get their fans together and show off the games that the company is currently working on. While many different things are going on with Blizzard right now, we can’t ignore the fact that Blizzard is a big gaming company with quite a few things to show off. Whether these include new characters, new expansions, or even new IP’s in general we definitely think that Blizzard is ready to show us some interesting stuff this year. So here are some things that we expect and want from BlizzCon 2019.

Diablo IV

Diablo is a beloved franchise where the Demon Lord comes back from hell every few hundred years to wreak havoc on the world. Play as one of the many classes in the game and you and maybe some friends will be able to take on Diablo’s demon onslaught and save the world from imminent hell on earth. Well the last time Diablo released anything in general, it was in 2012 with the first release of Diablo III, in which we seemingly settled things with the powerful Demon once and for all. Well last year at BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard announced that a new Diablo game will be coming out in the near future, but it was not what everybody expected or wanted. It was a mobile game for Diablo called Diablo Immortal.

Despite thinking that their fans would be very happy to hear this news, there was a huge uproar over this news as fans saw that Blizzard pretty much relegated their beloved game series to a mobile game. Whether it was just a poorly-planned announcement or Blizzard needed something to cover up for future games, people simply were not happy at all. Well things might change this year as we’ve heard plenty of rumors that Diablo being in development during the Immortal announcement, though it was fairly enough unfinished, so they didn’t announce it. Additionally there could be a chance that a Diablo 2 remaster could be in the works. Well whatever Blizzard announces for Diablo this year, we hope that it will some good news rather than nothing at all.


Starcraft is one of Blizzard’s more successful RTS sci-fi game series where you get your trusty Space Marines to fight hordes of alien enemies while gathering resources to power up your troops. Well the big question is where Starcraft is right now. It’s been nearly absent as of recent as the last thing that came out for it was StarCraft Remastered which came out in 2017.  Well now it’s 2019 and we think Blizzard’s almost given up on the franchise so far.

Well as of June, there have been some leaks that have told us what happened to one of Starcraft’s more recent projects. Supposedly the staff was working on a StarCraft FPS game in which you probably be shooting at the Zerg in a Left 4 Dead fashion. As for what actually goes on in the game, it’s possibly been axed before anyone was able to see some substantial gameplay for it. Well hopefully this means that Blizzard is working on their other projects and supposedly they axed the FPS in order to work on something Diablo and Overwatch related. What they are may be revealed at BlizzCon 2019.

New IP?

So we know that Blizzard is known for quite a few games. Overwatch is Blizzard’s newest team-based tactical shooter where you play as a team of heroes versus another team of heroes. Diablo is the loot game where you gather items in order to become the strongest and beat Diablo. Starcraft is the RTS sci-fi title, so what else does Blizzard have? Well as of recent, nothing really new and nothing original as far as the years have gone.

Well we think that this year is the year Blizzard takes out their big guns and reveals something completely new for players to experience. We are pretty sure that their FPS titles are a bit space since the StarCraft FPS was canned, so this means that maybe the company to use the assets for something else. Repurposing old files isn’t unnatural and we think that anything left over can definitely have some use in future projects.

Additionally after last year’s BlizzCon, we think that some newly-announced titles could be the thing that could make BlizzCon all worth it.

World of Warcraft Expansion

World of Warcraft is growing bigger by the moment. With the release of World of Warcraft classic, we think that old and new players are able to come together and revel in the new updates for the game. Recently Blizzard has been talking about their new content update, Visions of N’zoth which will put an end to the Battle for Azeroth storyline while bringing in some new content, like new races to interact with, new quests, and figuring out what’s going on in the world.

Well since this new patch is coming out pretty soon, this definitely mean that Blizzard will tell players even more about the new patch. Well if a patch wasn’t enough, we think that they can do better and introduce a new expansion as well. The last expansion was Legion, which came out in 2016, well it’s 2019 and now would be the best time to introduce players to something more to experience in WoW in the future.

Overwatch 2?

Overwatch. We all know Overwatch. Overwatch released in 2016 and introduced us to Blizzard’s own cast of heroes that will work together in team-based objectives while stopping the secret organization known as Talon. The game has been getting a lot of support and content over the past years since its release and we don’t see it stopping anytime soon. So what could be next for the series, a new character, a new event, how about some cool costumes?

Well we think that Blizzard can do one better and introduce something more. A sequel to Overwatch. Now it’s nothing official but we think that Blizzard is setting up for the Overwatch sequel and that it will possibly be announced at BlizzCon 2019. After hearing of the Starcraft FPS getting shut down we’ve also heard that an Overwatch sequel will be coming out due to this. There’s also more information that will lead to this as a new cinematic featuring Mei and Genji will be shown and it will lead to the game’s logo. Well since this is just speculation based on leaks, we don’t know for sure. Well we do hope to see something from the Overwatch team.


BlizzCon is the one time a year that Blizzard has to show off their new announcements and titles and we think with the following that they have, the games that they make and how well the games are doing, we think that Blizzard should have a lot for people to look forward to.

For more news about Blizzard, check out our coverage here.

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