AC: Kingdom Leaked + Destiny 3 for Next-Consoles – Primal Newscast #2

Primal Newscast New AC Leaked + Destiny 3

Welcome to The Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the hottest and most interesting news of the week that took place in the gaming industry. Try Blackout For Free This Month Activision is starting out the month of April by giving away their debut battle royale mode from their Call of Duty Black […]

Destiny 3 Details Have Been Leaked; Destiny 2 Will End Up in Year 3

Destiny 3

Once upon a time, Bungie was developing Halo series as on of the best first person shooters with intriguing story, but they left Microsoft to work on their brand new IP, Destiny, which is another breath-taking FPS set in a futuristic world but with more complicated story than their previous franchise. Destiny 2 came out […]

Destiny 3 – Things That We Know

The Drifter from Destiny 2 reveals the enemies for a player's Gambit match

Destiny 3 – Things That We Know Bungie‚Äôs second installment of its ambitious shared-world shooter has already been out since September 2017, and now the rumors are circling for the next evolution of Destiny. With three years lying between the first and second iterations of the game, fans have been speculating where Destiny 3 now […]

Rumor: Destiny 3 In Development

Destiny 3

Leaked: Destiny 3 In Development A very well known leaker in the industry who refers himself as “/AnonTheNine” has stated at Reddit that Bungie have just started the development of Destiny 3 he also claims that it will have Guardians using the Darkness, and Europa as a patrol zone. /AnonTheNine also affirms that Bungie is […]