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Destiny 3
Destiny 3

Destiny 3 Details Have Been Leaked; Destiny 2 Will End Up in Year 3

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Once upon a time, Bungie was developing Halo series as on of the best first person shooters with intriguing story, but they left Microsoft to work on their brand new IP, Destiny, which is another breath-taking FPS set in a futuristic world but with more complicated story than their previous franchise. Destiny 2 came out less than two years ago and not also brought a more evolved gameplay, but also presented a rich and expansive world.

Destiny 2 is now going to receive its Year 3 Annual Pass and according to ShadowAnonTheNine which claims is related to AnonTheNine, one of the reliable insiders on Destiny 2 leaks, this year is the final year for the game to be supported by Bungie with releasing new contents. As leaks offer, Destiny 3 will focus on The Veil, one of the races within astro demons, whom god has been killed brutally during The Collapse. The Veil will try to capture The Traveler in order to make use of The Light and revive their god through it. Based on what the unofficial details suggest, Destiny 3 contains a complicated story that will provide a great experience for the fans of the franchise. It’s being said that the game will feature hardcore gameplay with much more RPG elements in it.

Aside from Destiny 3, the ongoing game of Bungie will receive it’s last big update during Year 3 and after that, we shouldn’t expect any massive contents for the game, as the studio will fully focus on Destiny 3, which has been under development since ending months of last year, according to leaks via AnonTheNine, back in 2018. Although we don’t now so much about the last DLC, ShadowAnonTheNine provided the following details on this extra content, which is coming in 2019:

  • Penumbra will bring us back to the Leviathan to encounter Calus once more.
  • There will be a reveal about the Darkness enemies, the Veil, that will be in Destiny 3.
  • The Hawkmoon and Dark Drinker exotics return, along with the exotic known as Rose.

While you can take all of this with a grain of salt, it’s exciting to hear such fitting details to the series before the official announcements.

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