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Spider-Man Trophy Guide: “With Great Power” and “Hug It Out”

Spider-Man Trophy Guide: “With Great Power” and “Hug It Out”

Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4 has swung its way into the limelight, and even after you might have wrapped up the main story there are still plenty of trophies to go after. Today we will be bringing you a quick guide on how to get two of the hidden trophies that are a little tricky to find, “Hug it out” and “With Great Power”. The mechanics of getting the trophies are a little difficult to figure out what to do, but once you know they will only take a few minutes to achieve.

First, let’s look at “Hug It Out”. You will need to have unlocked one of the gadgets in the game, the Trip Mine. This gadget will stick to surfaces and snag anyone who walks by into a web trap. For the trophy, you will need to stick the trip mines directly onto enemies within close proximity to each other. Once another enemy walks into the laser path of the trip mine, the trap will activate and both enemies will be strung together in a web trap. Repeat this ten times and the trophy will be yours in no time!

The second trophy we are checking out is “With Great Power”. This requires you to go visit Uncle Ben’s grave and pay your respects. Go to the graveyard in northwest Harlem and look for the black tent with chairs underneath it. The grave will be directly to the east of it. Once you go over to it the first time a short dialogue will play out where Peter talks to the grave, letting Uncle Ben know he is thinking of him. After it plays out, the trophy will pop up.



Hopefully, this guide will help you get closer to that shiny platinum trophy, and stay tuned for more coverage of Marvel’s Spider-Man!

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