Outfits and Suits from Spiderman DLC

Spider-Man DLC “The Heist” Suit Guide

Spider-Man DLC “The Heist” Suit Guide

The Spider-Man DLC launched its first wave of content for the City That Never Sleeps storyline, The Heist. In the first leg of the story, players will be tracking down Black Cat as she steals expensive works of art from various criminals around the city for Hammerhead, a crime boss trying to establish dominance in the city to replace Wilson Fisk.

There are three suits that players can acquire from the DLC. The Resilient Suit, the Scarlet Spider II suit and the Spider-Man U.K. Suit. The first two are easily obtained by going through the main storyline of The Heist. For the Resilient suit, begin the first mission in the story “The Maria” and complete it. Spider-Man will be trying to stop a robbery in progress at an art museum. This mission is a pretty straight forward beat em up with an added mechanic of stopping certain marked gangsters from leaving the building with art pieces. Once the mission is done, players will see the Resilient Suit added to their collection and receive a shiny new trophy, “The Cat Came Back”.

The Spider-Man U.K. Suit is acquired by players completing the entire story for The Heist. The final mission here is pretty tricky and players will have to take down an onrush of mobsters with heavy artillery, two brutes with miniguns and an absolute mess of rocket launchers. The best way to go about this mission is to take down the big guys first. Try equipping a suit power that blocks all damage or makes it so enemies can’t block and take them down off the bat. Once the mini guns are taken care of, players can begin to zip around the map and take down enemies easier without being rushed. Once the fight is over and the final cutscene is played out, the “Bye Felicia” trophy will pop and the Spider-Man U.K. suit will be added to the collection.

Last and probably the coolest looking of the suits is the Scarlet Spider II suit. This suit is obtained by completing all the district activities in the DLC. Players will have to stop all of the new crimes, five in each district that the crimes are active in (make sure to check your map because not all districts have crimes in the DLC). Second, new challenge missions are available from Screwball where players will have to try to take down gang members in a flashy way to gain points and get the supervillain streamer more views. Remember, you do not have to get a perfect score to complete this part, but there the trophy “Screwy” that requires players to get a superior score or better in all of the Screwball challenges. Last players will have to collect all of the stolen art from the original Black Cat, which will also give players the “Like A Fiddle” trophy. Once these are all completed, the Scarlet Spider II suit is yours.

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