Spiderman in his college outfit

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Secret Suits Guide

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Secret Suits Guide

Marvel’s Spider-Man is finally here and today we wanted to bring you a quick guide on how to unlock the two hidden suits for Marvel’s Spider-Man. These two suits are not shown in the suit menu during the game and only appear after certain requirements are met. Unlike other suits when they do unlock you do not have to have resources to craft them as they will automatically be available to put on.

First let’s look at the ESU suit which puts Spider-Man in his college merch while only wearing his mask to hide his face. To unlock this suit, players must complete all of the hidden photograph locations. This is easily done by equipping the Proximity Sensor suit mod which will show hidden photography locations on the minimap while swinging around the city. There are 50 total to watch for, 8 in the Financial District, 8 in Chinatown, 3 in Greenwich, 3 in Hell’s Kitchen, 4 in Midtown, 4 in the Upper East Side, 4 in Central Park, 5 in the Upper West Side and 11 in Harlem. These can be picked up very quickly, only took about 30 minutes to grab them all and then the suit will unlock immediately!


Now just in case, the regular suits are getting a little too warm for your liking while swinging around the city, the classy Undies Suit is just what you need. This suit isn’t difficult to obtain but it does require a time commitment. The suit will unlock once a player has 100% completed a playthrough of the game which consists of completing all missions, crimes, hideouts, challenges, research stations and collectibles for each district in Manhattan. Remember, players do not need to find the hidden photos or get a perfect score in all the challenges to complete this, they just need to clear the criteria for each item which all show up on the map for players once they are available during the story. Once the players have received the platinum “Be Greater” trophy signaling 100% completion, the Undies suit will unlock and players can swing around the city confusing citizens everywhere.

And there you have it! Stay tuned for more upcoming coverage of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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