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PS5 June
PS5 June

Sony Reportedly Hosting a PS5 Event in Early June

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Bloomberg’s reporter Jason Schreier took part in the recent Press Start Podcast, he revealed the audience that he expects Sony to host a PlayStation event in early or mid June, Schreier made a similar guess to GamesBeat’s reporter Jeffrey Grubb, as he also affirms that there is a Sony event scheduled for June 4. Grubb is positive that Sony is ready to unveil the design of the PlayStation 5.

While Schreier and Grubb’s information is unofficial, both reporters are a reliable source of information. Schreier left Kotaku with an impeccable record on reliable information, a lot of his reveals came from industry insiders who trusted Schreier on his discrete reveals that did not harmed the developers. Grubb on the other hand is also known for having accurate informants, in the past, he confirmed the date of the latest Nintendo Direct before its official announcement.

The timing seems appropriate for Sony to reveal the PlayStation 5, the company is taking part in the four month gaming celebration Summer Game Fest, at the moment of writing, there are three booked events for June. The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition from June 9 through June 14. Night City Wire on June 11, and EA Play Live also taking place on June 11.

PlayStation fans are expecting to see a full reveal of the PlayStation 5 soon. Mark Cerny has already revealed the hardware specifications of the console, the DualSense has also been revealed with all his technological goodies,  the only remaining information left to be disclosed by Sony is the price of the console and it’s final design. The leaked dev kits, suggest that Sony has decided for a completely different cooling solution for the PS5 compared to the Xbox Series X, featuring a much more traditional design.

Source: VG427

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