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PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 to be Revealed on June 4

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If a new rumor is to be believed, PlayStation 5 is scheduled to be revealed on June 4. The report comes from GamesBeat reporter Jeffrey Grubb, he leaks on the ResetERA forums the plans of Sony. He suggest that first-party games will be revealed sooner.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

While Jeffrey Grubb’s information is unofficial, the reporter is a reliable source of information, his insider informants have been accurate in the past, he confirmed the date of the latest Nintendo Direct before its official announcement.

In accordance to Daniel Ahmad claims, Sony and Xbox will maintain a similar schedule of announcements and reveals for 2020.

With E3 cancelled, a lot of the planned reveals / announcements have been moved out of that single week. Some are now much earlier, others much later. Some still during E3 week ofc. The first proper next gen console/games showcase is much earlier too.

This is the one time I will actually add a caveat, for the last sentence in this case, as we are living through an unprecedented situation and this is the one time where external factors such as COVID-19 could actually change plans right at the last minute. But we’ll see.

PlayStation fans were expecting to see a full reveal of the PlayStation 5 to happen before or during the now cancelled E3 2020. Mark Cerny has already revealed the hardware specifications of the console, the DualSense has also been revealed with all his technological goodies, so the only remaining information left to be disclosed by Sony is the price of the console and it’s final design. The leaked dev kits, suggest that Sony has decided for a completely different cooling solution for the PS5 compared to the Xbox Series X, featuring a much more traditional design.

Source: wccftech

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