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Sony PlayStation 5
Sony PlayStation 5

Sony Deviate Camera Resources To PlayStation 5

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Bloomberg areports that Sony was planning to release a new mirrorless camera, but the plans for it has been delayed in order to have more DRAM supply available for PlayStation 5. There are reports that the next generation PlayStation 5 will cost 450-470 USD to manufacture, Sony might actually be struggling with the manufacture of the device.

The Coronavirus outbreak together with a high demand in the smartphone market for of DRAM and NAND flash is harming could potentially harm Sony. For the moment, the company is waiting a better moment to reveal the hardware of the console, it’s fair to assume that Sony hasn’t decided which hardware to use, at least for storage, an aspect that might be critical to both, performance and cost.

Bloomberg got insiders who revealed what is happening at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s HQ. Insiders explains that Sony should’ve decided the console’s price by February, mass production should start in the spring, but those insiders who remain anonymous, confirms that Sony is waiting, and still has not decided how many units will be made in the first year.

They also confirm that Sony has secured key components for the console, the Japanese giant has probably overpaid for making sure there is enough supply of those components, one mentioned is the cooling system, heat dissipation is something that Sony won’t gamble on. The anonymous source also said that Coronavirus has had no impact on the operations for the PlayStation 5 production.

A slow start it’s expected, Sony’s next PlayStation will have the ability to run PS4 games and some of the titles that releases for the PS5 won’t be gen exclusive, there is also the rumor that even the DS4 will work for the PS5. Microsoft is taking the same approach, it seems that both companies are easing up the transition to next gen devices, as games developed might be slow and prices can be astronomical to justify changing a console that is already 4K 60FPS capable.

Insiders claims that Sony is actually also waiting for Microsoft to set the price for the Xbox Series X, According to those claims, Microsoft is set to reveal the price of the console on the E3.

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