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PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Aiming To be Cheaper Than Series X

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According to a report from IGN Japan’s editor-in-chief Shin Imai, Sony is aiming to release the PlayStation 5 at a lower cost compared to Xbox Series X. If Imai’s information is true, Sony might have a more affordable, less capable hardware, while Xbox is pushing the boundaries of hardware power at a reasonable cost.

“The Xbox Series X is doubtless aiming for much greater performance than the PS5 … There are some differences in specs, and PS5 aims be cheaper than the Xbox Series X as a result,” said the editor-in-chief, according to ComicBook.com’s translation.

Analyzing the marketing practices of both Xbox and Sony, massive differences can be spotted, for instance Xbox is taking part at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2020, while Sony opted for a private event in which they will be at the spotlights.

Xbox had already revealed the Series X, and it seems like they’re playing the wait game for revealing the powerful hardware inside the console, Sony on the other hand are cautiously creating hype, avoiding competing directly with Microsoft and keeping away hardware comparisons seems to be the objective of the Japanese manufacturer.

Players has been somewhat spoiled by the advances made by both NVIDIA and AMD in terms of GPU power, players expects a system that can deliver some serious performances, 8K gaming, 4K games at 60FPS gaming has been put on the table by rumors and manufactures. Realistically, a console is limited by it’s compact traditional design and affordability, however, it seems like Xbox is ready to break the mold with the Series X as it’s displayed on the SOC of Project Scarlett.

Backwards compatibility is something that will play a big role in the next-generation of consoles, Xbox has announced that in the first couple of years, Xbox Series X game will not be gen exclusive. If Shin Imai sources are accurate, Sony’s strategy can be understood, the PlayStation 5 could be taking an approach similar to Nintendo’s, creating a hardware that relies on technology advancements focused on expanding the gameplay experience rather than, investing on raw performance.

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