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Series X and PS5 To suffer from Flash Memory Prices

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According to reports from The Motley Fool, there is a short supply for DRAM and NAND flash memory this could result in an increase of the price that was originally planed for the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PS5.

Experts at The Motley Fool analyze the situation, and “the flash memory prices could jump by 40% in 2020”, the cause is due to high demand in the smartphone market who might be a priority for the manufacturers of this kind of hardware. As it has been confirmed the Sony PS5 and the Microsoft Xbox Series X will boast solid-state storage devices, those rely on flash memory chips.

Microsoft and Sony might have anticipated this, hardware pricing is unlikely to change the scheduled launch for the consoles on this fall. But the current market change might result in a more cautious marketing practice for both manufactures. Both, Microsoft and Sony have been very quiet about the performance of their consoles, Microsoft has taken the decision to go first, revealing that their SOC is 8K capable and teasing fans that the console is almost ready, with Phil Spencer using the device as his main gaming console.

Rumors say that the Xbox Series X will greatly outperform the PS5, if those rumors are to be believed, the Sony’s console is designed to be cheaper while delivering a better gaming experience than his main competitor. “Unique elements” like an improved haptic feedback on the DualShock 5, and the NVME SSD from Samsung is Sony’s approach.

On the storage area is where Sony might have a problem. Wisely, the Japanese giant has not even revealed the console, and they might wait the best moment to choose what is the right hardware to power the next PlayStation.

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