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Megalodon in Sea of Thieves
Megalodon in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves – Time-limited Even and Megalodon Guide – Get All Exclusive Items

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Sea of Thieves – Time-limited Even and Megalodon Guide – Get All Exclusive Items

Today we’re going to be showing you how to complete the time-limited quest event in the newly released content update for Sea of Thieves – The Hungering Deep and get your exclusive Shark Hunter figurehead that will be going away in 2 weeks. So make sure you take advantage of this guide and get your stuff before this awesome little experience ends. If you’re wondering what’s included in this update – you can have a peek here.

Video Guide Below:

Text Guide Below:

Step 1

Ok, your first step is to talk to a new NPC that belongs to the Bilge Rat faction in any of the taverns in Sea of Thieves. As soon as you spawn into the game, you will see a drunk older looking dude having a nice sip of grog. Talk to him and he will tell you of a pirate named Merry Merrick. He will tell you that you can find him on an island called Shark Bait Cove which is located South West of the world map. So grab your crewmates, gather resources for your ship and start sailing away to Shark Bait Cove.

Step 2

Merry Merrick will be located at the south-west island of Shark Bait Cove, you will see an NPC next to a campfire with 2 matching peg legs. Park your boat next to the beach, talk to the guy and he will reward you with the first new item the Speaking Trumpet that you can use to communicate with other crews in the sea. Keep talking to him and he will tell you that his tale is scattered across his different journals that you have to find in the world of Sea of Thieves. He tells you that the first journal is in Shark Bait Cove on a fin rock.

Step 3

After you get your first journal you need to find 2 more. If you read the hints of the first Journal it tells you to go to the Golden Sands outpost and talk to the barmaid there for more clues. But instead, we’re going to be skipping that and I’ll just hand you map coordinates of where you need to head out to next to find the next 2 journals

Step 4

Journal #2 is located in the map square – L14

and Journal #3 is located in the map square – S16

First, let’s head to L14, there you will find a shipwreck, climb up the mast of the shipwreck and you will find the 2nd journal. The 2nd journal will tell you to go to Dagger Tooth outpost and talk to a barmaid there, but again we’re skipping that and going straight to the coordinates instead.

Once we arrive at S16, you will have to go underwater and find a cave that will lead you to another cave above the water. Keep following this path, come up on the surface and interact with the 3rd and final journal.

Step 4

After you get all the journals, your quest will get updated and tell you to go back to Merry Merrick in Shark Bait Cove. Once you talk to Merrick again, he will reward you with the new musical instrument (a drum) that you will be using to summon the Megalodon.

Step 5

And we’re near the end and this is the last step. This is where things might get a bit challenging. You need to form a crew of 5 or more members in order to be able to summon the Magoladon. First talk to Merrick, get your drum and he will give you the coordinates to where you can summon the beast which is map square T26. In order to summon the Magladon, you need to copy the tune that Merrick is playing with your drum.

Stand next to Merrick, start playing the drum to mimic this music and keep holding the button. You and your crew must now sail to T26 while playing Merrick’s drum tone all the way to the location. If you stop playing the drum, it will reset and you will lose the proper song and have to go back to Shark Bait Cove to get it again. So what you wanna do is have 1 or 2 people always playing the song at the ship.

Also, since you can’t play the drum and go up the ladder at the same time. Have another person on top of the ship play the drum while the original crew member who copies Merrick’s song is playing it in the water so that way he can climb up without having the crew lose the song. Once you arrive at T26, make sure everyone is equipped with the proper Shark Hunter Tattoos or otherwise it wont work. Get together with other ships, get 5 playing the drum and the Megladaon will be summmoned.

Once the Megalodon is summoned, have you crew members man both sides of the cannons on your galleon and start wailing at the giant beast. The shark will be making circles around the ship, use your eye of reach to keep hitting it when the monster is out of the cannon’s firing range. Make sure you have someone that’s also designated on repairing the ship. Rince and repeat till the Megalodon is dead.

Once its dead, you will be given a commendation for slaying the beast and will be tasked with returning to Merrick to turn in the final quest part and receive your exclusive cosmetic reward the Shark Hunter figurehead for your ship. This is it, congratulations on your new stuff and on slaying the beast.

Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for more game coverage, E3 coverage, guides and much more.


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