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April Fools GTA Online
April Fools GTA Online

Rockstar’s April Fools Fills Cover GTA Online in Snow

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Trolling players for the April fool joke, Rockstar has covered GTA Online and Red Dead Online in snow, the games look now how they were displayed in a holiday season. Players can now have Winter fun, in GTA Online, snowballs are available. The event will only be live today, so it’s your last chance until holidays to have a little bit of extra fun.

A couple of days ago a trailer teasing an announcement for the next installment in the franchise appeared via Twitch, the account was called Grand Theft Auto VI and showed the same aesthetics of Rockstar when creating a trailer. The announcement of the game was said to take place today, April 1. Players knew that it was a joke, but it was thought the joke came from Rockstar Games.

It all kicked off when a Twitch account called ‘GTAVI’ appeared on the streaming platform. The channel had a countdown clock, and promised to reveal information in two days. Only problem is, the counter ends on April 1 – also known as April Fools Day.

Given that the account is not official from Rockstar, excitement quickly died down as many assumed it to be hoax. However the fandom got another dose of false hope later in the day when a trailer popped up on social media.

Dexerto has reported that the teaser trailer is not related to the developer, it seems like is just a random troll making fun of the anticipation of the game.

Back in January, Rockstar Games might have confirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI  is in development, the studio appealed to Video Games Tax Relief with HMRC. Basically the developer is asking for a tax relief due to large investment in a new project. Of course, conditions applies, the product should be “culturally British”.

There is also the opinion from analyst Darion Lowenstein who expects that the game will release in holidays 2021 as the development team is focusing on the quality of the game.

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