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Grand Theft Auto VI
Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto VI Won’t Arrive Soon, Says Darion Lowenstein

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According to a former Rockstar employee Grand Theft Auto VI won’t arrive anytime soon.

Daily Star reports that, equity research firm Jeffries hosted an expert call with Darion Lowenstein, a experienced developer who worked at Activision, Scopely, Electronic Arts and Rockstar. One of  the main reasons of the call was to talk about the possibility to see Rockstar revealing the game soon.

Darion Lowenstein states that the Houser brothers are tyring to deliver the best quality and are in fact, not bothered by a deadline. Lowenstein said that the best-case-scenario would be Grand Theft Auto VI releasing on Holidays of the next year. Lowenstein also said that fans should not expect a trailer or announcement anytime soon.

“We’ve seen online rumors and have heard client speculation that a trailer could drop as early as next month, but Darion’s take is that investors / gamers will have to wait longer.”

After Rockstar Games appealed a video games tax relief to HMRC, media and fans got excited with the idea that Grand Theft Auto VI might be a next-gen launch title.

Rockstar’s request for a tax relief does not indicates a Grand Theft Auto title is being developed. Perhaps a new IP might be in development, but, considering that Grand Theft Auto V released back in 2013 it’s expected that Rockstar is at least planning on the next installment in the franchise.

Recently an elaborated rumor appear on Reddit, an allegedly a tester for Rockstar Games claimed to have vast information about Grand  Theft Auto VI.

According to the leak, the map will be “huge,” featuring three states and fully detailed two major cities: Carcer City (Based on Boston and the East Coast of USA) and Vice City (Miami, Florida). An abundance of towns, waterfronts, and suburbs are present.

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