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Rockstar Games Might Have Confirmed GTA6

After creating the second best-selling game of all time, Rockstar Games is planning something that perhaps will be even bigger.
According to TaxWatch UK, Rockstar Games has appealed to Video Games Tax Relief with HMRC. Basically the developer is asking for a tax relief due to large investment in a new project. Of course, conditions applies, the product should be “culturally British”.

Rockstar has it’s roots in England, games like Manhunt 2 and Midnight Club: L.A. Remix were developed in Rockstar London, Bully was developed at Rockstar New England. The most acclaimed games from Rockstar were developed at Edinburgh, England. Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto series.

Obviously, Rockstar’s request for a tax relief does not indicates a Grand Theft Auto title, or Bully. Perhaps a new IP might be in development. Considering that Grand Theft Auto V released back in 2013 it’s expected that Rockstar is at least planning on the next installment in the franchise.

Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Series X is around the corner, it’s expected that an industry giant like Rockstar has something big planned for cashing on the next-gen hype.

VG247 also reports that Rockstar has explained how UK Tax Relief has allowed them to create more jobs in the country.

“The UK’s program to support the growth of a broad range of creative industries through tax relief is a proven success. The program has directly resulted in Rockstar Games significantly increasing its investment in the UK, creating well over 1,000 highly skilled and long term jobs across London, Lincoln, Yorkshire and Scotland.

“This investment and the success of British video games supported by the program not only significantly contributes to the economy, and to UK tax receipts, but also helps solidify the UK’s position at the forefront of video game development well into the future”

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