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PS5 ‘s Store Will Feature Demos For All Games – Rumor

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Interestingly, the leaker says that the demo does not need to be downloaded, this suggest that the Store will have a PlayStation Now functionality that would allow all PS5 owners to play the game for a small time.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

PS5’s New PS Store User Interface Allows You to Browse & Try Every Game Instantly, Playable Within Seconds, With No Traditional Downloading Required, No Waiting, Before You Decide to Purchase the Full Game & Download It as Normal. PS5 Only

Streaming would allow players to have access to game trials, similar to Google’s try now feature, the game probably will be streamed into the console at a very low resolution. This would also work in favor of the PlayStation Now, as it would also act as a free trial of the capabilities of the streaming service. The allegedly leaked information does not reveal any details about how PS5 users will be able to try out the game, it would be the very first few minutes of every game or a specific vertical slice of each game.

Sony has decided to take a very modest but effective approach in the marketing of their next gen console, this strategy has been proved successful as PS5’s logo reveal crushed Xbox’s news in terms of the likes on social media. The downside is all the misinformation that has been around the PlayStation brand, some rumors, if not dismissed quickly by Sony, might led fans to anticipate something that is not true.

All rumors will be either confirmed or debunked, as Sony is reportedly planning to reveal the PlayStation 5 on June 4. Fans can also expect more information at the Summer Game Festival.

Source: comicbook

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