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PlayStation Teases Fans With Cryptic Tweet

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PlayStation has teased and confused players, at the moment of publishing no ones has been able to decipher what PlayStation is suggesting with its Tweet. Fans are trying to connect the dots (some literally) to see if something related to the PlayStation 5 reveal, or the launch date. Some think this tease suggest some of the launch titles of the next-gen system.

Take a look at the Sony teaser down below:

From what it can be seen, it’s just random animals together a controller. But some theories are already taking place. Some suggest that the animals are related to developers. The most obvious would be the dog representing Naughty Dog, the Santa Monica based studio that was acquired by Sony in 2001, they are responsible for some classic PlayStation exclusives. The Last of Us Part II is very close its release on May 29 for the PS4. This could be what the dog suggest in the tweet.

Some think that the animals are actually related to the game and not the developer, for example, the dinosaur relating to the large creatures that can be found in Horizon Zero Dawn II.

Others suggest that the whole Tweet suggest a single game, Tokyo Jungle. All the different animals might something related to a sequel of Tokyo Jungle, a 2012 survival- action game based on a dystopian Tokyo, in which the city has transformed into a vicious wildlife wasteland. This theory might explain why random animals appear in the tweet but forgets the part of “just some friends playing video games“.

Perhaps something that refutes the previous theory is the words “video games” note that is plural, the tease is referring to more than one video game, so perhaps Sony is teasing that most games that will be releasing soon are being test for bugs and are also ready to ship worldwide. Or maybe it’s referring to PS5 launch titles being so close to be ready.

What do you think Sony is teasing? Don’t leave your theory out of the comment box down below.

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1 month ago

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6 months ago

i love this article

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1 year ago

Why do the controllers look like a combination of playstation and xbox controllers?