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Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Teased By Actress
Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Teased By Actress

Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Confirmed By Actress Janina Gavankar

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According to an actress who played a role in 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn’s DLC ‘The Frozen Wilds’, Guerrilla Games is hard at work with the inevitable sequel. While the industry has been expecting a sequel to the highly acclaimed new IP from the makers of the Killzone series, it’s still pretty exciting to hear some confirmation that we are indeed receiving a follow up to Aloy’s story.

Actress Janina Gavankar – who also played an important role in Star Wars: Battlefront II – spilled the beans about the Horizon sequel on the Star Wars Celebration Reddit post. Her initial quote may be relatively small and doesn’t give us any details, but does get the Horizon fan base pretty excited for the next release in the series.

“Just wait until you see the sequel(…)You’re gonna die. I know some secrets. You’re gonna die.” – Janina Gavankar

While Guerrilla Games has yet to disclose any details on the sequel – let alone make an official confirmation that the sequel exists – Janina has just let many new fans in on the secret.

Stay tuned for more information expected to arise in the future regarding the assumed Horizon Zero Dawn sequel.

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