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Ellie being attacked by a clicker.
Ellie being attacked by a clicker.

Top 10 Crazy Details You Missed in The Last of Us II Trailer

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Playstation recently had their State of play and had plenty to show off. Among these games were the Last of Us Part II that seems to shed some light on Ellie’s motivations for fighting a strange cult. Well we’ll show you the top 10 things you missed in this new trailer.

10. Horses

It would seem that we’ve evolved from having to use vehicles in this game. Taking place five years after the original, cars have mostly run out of fuel and are just sitting out on the road collecting rust and dust. Is it likely that vehicles have run out of commission in this game completely? I doubt it, though vehicles would have to be a crazy commodity in Wyoming these days. Well that’s why the people of Jackson have become accustomed to using more equine forms of transportation. This seems to be the case based on the trailer.

What’s more is that they may be a main part of the main game as well, as you may be riding through large environments from the look of the trailer. If that’s true we may be seeing a lot more horses than vehicles around in the game, unless we’re expected to walk everywhere, which I doubt.

9. Gas Masks

Gas masks were a big importance in the Last of Us. Previously if Joel and Ellie were to encounter an area with a large amount of spores in the air, that means that highly infected areas are nearby and they are generally full of clickers that will for the most part, impede on your progress, but more on those guys later. In the trailer, we briefly see Ellie and Dina wearing their perspective Gas Masks. What does this mean exactly? Well it may mean that some more secretive areas require gas masks for you to wear and they may be full of clickers. Of course this also means that Clickers are still a threat within the Last of Us Part II.

8. Clickers’ Designs

As with the Gas Masks, we see that Ellie meets some Clickers in the trailer in all of their spore-y glory. It is known that these things look simply like zombies in the early stages of the infection, but in this case, we see some clickers that are covered head to toe in this fungal infection. So what does this mean? Well this means that the Clickers have probably evolved within the last five years and with a new game in the entry, means that some design changes are necessary. Of course with new designs there may be other new things.

7. New Clicker Types

Briefly in the trailer, we see a variety of clickers that Ellie will shoot at during the course of the Last of Us Part II. We see normal infected, ones fully covered in fungus, and big bloaters running towards Ellie in red light. With the typical suspects making a return in Part II, does this mean that there will be more clicker types? Well there aren’t too many types of clickers to see except for  what looks to be an infected dog Not much was shown in the trailer outside of the ones mentioned, but there may be a chance that the infection may have gotten stronger over time, so who knows?

6. Dina’s Demise?

We’ve seen in the previous trailers that Ellie has a particular love interest in the Last of Us Part II, Dina. She’s seen throughout the trailer assisting Ellie on their scouting missions outside of the settlement and are pretty much inseparable. Well until halfway through the trailer where we see Ellie looking for Dina in the snow only to find a cabin. She goes inside, gets knocked out and presumably finds her, but in the middle of execution. It happens off-screen but we’re sure that’s what happens. Ellie sees Dina die, and that sets off the events for Ellie’s revenge against this new cult faction, the Seraphites.

We may not know how this cult operates, but we can be assured that their followers are about as crazy as other bandits and hooligans that Joel and Ellie fought in the past, so we can expect some crazy unexpected tactics from these enemies.

5. Tommy Returns

Tommy makes a return in the Last of Us 2 as the leader of Jackson, the settlement where the Last of Us originally centered around. Not only does this confirm that the game, at least at the start, takes place in Jackson, but it would seem that several returning characters will probably make a return as well. This would include Joel himself as Tommy is his brother, and probably a few other members from the previous game, well whoever we meet in Part II and under any circumstance we’ll be sure that they’ll have a huge impression on Ellie.

4. Still in Jackson?

The Last of Us originally took place in Wyoming and one of the main goals was to head to Tommy’s Settlement in Jackson. Well seeing Tommy make a return basically shows that Jackson plays a main role in the game. Well as said before, at the start because the game is said to take place at Washington in some point as that’s where Ellie’s journey will eventually lead her. Well if this is true that means that we’ve basically seen most of the beginning of the game in the trailer.

Judging by how much we see of Dina we can see that there will probably be many moments in Jackson where you get to know the locals for a mission or two before Dina probably goes missing. We don’t know of any other settlements Ellie will encounter in the game, but hopefully they’ll be about as friendly as the people in Jackson.

3. Open Environment?

As said before, horses seem to be a main source of transportation this time around, and that means that there could be a lot to look around in. We see Ellie in a run down city full of plant life while riding a horse, and we can see that she might be able to traverse this area with her steed. So maybe we’ll see some open-level gameplay rather than an open-world situation.

Additionally, we can see that Ellie is driving a car momentarily before a clicker decides to jump at her through the window, so maybe we can cruise around the environment as well.

2. Two Discs?

It would seem that the new game will require two discs to play. The game may be so intensive that there has to be a separate download between the discs much like Red Dead Redemption 2. Fortunately this means that Naughty Dog has been working a lot on this new game. If anything the separate disc could be the multiplayer disc since that’s confirmed and the other will be the story disc. Hopefully, all will be revealed soon.

1. Ellie and Joel

That’s right Joel, is making a return in the Last of Us Part II. We have heard that with Joel’s return, he may be a playable character in some parts of the game. If that’s true, how much more different will he play from Ellie, will his moveset have a bit more weight? Or will they mostly be playing the same throughout the game? Only on the game’s release on February 21, 2020 will tell us

Well what do you think? Do you think that these changes will be largely important when the full game releases? Let us know in the comments.

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