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PlayStation Store
PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store Is Now Live In Some Regions

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The new PlayStation Store has launched in some regions, a worldwide launch will take place next week. The new website features a renewed design but is missing some functional elements of the previous app.

ResetEra user, Toumari shared his experience with the new PlayStation Store in the forums, he explained that some aspects are desperately in the need of a redesign.

Toumari mentions that finding a game in the new store is not an easy task, especially if the customer is on the category view which has no titles below the thumbnails. This means that users on PC can’t quickly find a game with the ‘Find in Page’ functionality of web browsers.

DLC is also listed along with games, Toumari explains that list views are now “a mish-mash of games/DLC” …” it’s all mixed making it a guessing game on what is what.” Certainly, it does not help that Sony has now added some kind of filters on the category pages, this makes it impossible to sort games by platform, price, ESRB-PEGI rating, or release date.

The new PlayStation Store is also missing: Wishlist support, download file-sizes, screenshots, or gameplay videos, however, it’s not all a miss for the web designer of Sony, as a Dark Mode toggle has been added and will automatically work for users who has the dark mode as default in their devices.

Sony likely will implement some fixes as the website continues to roll out globally, some of the problems reported by Toumari are just too bad for a redesigned PlayStation Store.

Game pages list different ‘Editions’ of games, but in a lot of cases it doesn’t actually show what the differences are. Also these don’t link to anything, so it’s impossible for me to see what’s different about the ‘Gold’ edition of Valhalla over the normal edition. I literally have to navigation away to the Ubisoft site to find out.” Says Toumari at the ResetEra Forums.

Recently, Sony overhauled the PlayStation Trophies System ahead of the launch of PlayStation 5 on November 12, new levels, and a new calculation structure is now live. The company also revealed the user interface of the PlayStation 5.

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