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PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5’s Variable Clock Is Automatic Says Cerny

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Mark Cerny revealed the technical specification of the PlayStation 5 last month, while he did cover all the necessary information for developers, there was a doubt regarding the console’s SmartShift technology.

AMD’s SmartShift technology is created for better management of clock speeds in laptops, the PlayStation 5’s variable clock speed is based on that technology. wccftech reports that some developers were concerned that variable clock speed might be an inconvenience at developing a game. Mark Cerny has been interviewed by Digital Foundry as published on Eurogamer, the designer of the console explains that PlayStation 5, won’t cause any problems related to their variable clock speed technology.

Developers don’t need to optimize in any way; if necessary, the frequency will adjust to whatever actions the CPU and GPU are performing. I think you’re asking what happens if there is a piece of code intentionally written so that every transistor (or the maximum number of transistors possible) in the CPU and GPU flip on every cycle. That’s a pretty abstract question, games aren’t anywhere near that amount of power consumption. In fact, if such a piece of code were to run on existing consoles, the power consumption would be well out of the intended operating range and it’s even possible that the console would go into thermal shutdown. PS5 would handle such an unrealistic piece of code more gracefully.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has recently taken the opportunity to hit Sony by stating that, after seeing PS5’s specs, he feels “even better” about Xbox Series. Microsoft’s console is the superior gaming platform, at least on paper, but the fact of boasting more teraflops has not stopped the speculation about which would be the better console.

Insiders have told Kotaku’s Jason Schreier that Xbox Series X is not superior to the PlayStation 5, the latter’s SSD, 3D audio and focus on reducing the learning curve for developers give the Sony’s device an upper hand for developers. Marketing and console features such as backward compatibility which is superior on Xbox can give Microsoft’s console a preference among players.

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