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Series X
Series X

Phil Spencer Talks About Series X Backwards Compatibility

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During an interview with Gamertag Radio, Xbox Boss,Phil Spencer talked about his experience with Xbox Series X as his main console, he explains that using the next-gen system  has allowed him to give some feedback to the development team. Xbox’s boss explained that he is taking part in compiling the games who are currently compatible with the next generation console.

According to reports, the Xbox Series X is expected to support all Xbox One games, and a list of Xbox 360 games will be supported. Spencer is currently testing the supported games to make sure they’re working as they should.

“I’m trying it. It’s in active development, sometimes it reboots. Not all the games today are completely compatible. We’re working through our list of approved games on it. You can see what I’m playing; there’s tons of games that work,” (Thanks to Gamespot for the transcription)

Phil Spencer also took the opportunity to talk about the performance of the next generation console, he refers how the loading times will have a significantly change. He teases that he tried Destiny 2 on his Series X and his experience was different from the Xbox One X users.

“If I load a little faster into my Destiny strike than you, that’s maybe my box”

Note that Phil is trying to avoid revealing details on how previous gen games will run, it’s not revealed if the cap in frames per second will be removed, if the games will have the feature of upscale texture resolution or any kind of graphics tweak. Spencer did talk about the UI of the next gen console, it’s not only more modern but it will be optimized to be faster.

“It’s obviously quite a bit faster than the Xbox One,” … “And even sometimes when things run a little bit faster there’s some UI things that you need to be aware of.”

The Xbox Series X is expected to release on holidays 2020, but the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus might affect the release schedule for the console, Nintendo’s Shuntaro Furukawa already talked about how they’re already being negatively affected by the virus.

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