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PS5 Reveal Might Happen Soon Suggest Analyst

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Analyst of Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, said his followers on Twitter that, Sony and Microsoft had planned big shows to reveal their new consoles, Xbox Series X was meant to be revealed at E3 2020, and the PS5 was to be revealed at a separate event as Sony Interactive Entertainment had no intention in taking part of E3. Ahmad says that the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has forced both companies to reschedule their reveal plans, he suggest that some announcements will be delayed, others will arrive sooner.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

PlayStation fans expected to see a full reveal of the PlayStation 5 to happen before or during the E3. Mark Cerny has already revealed the hardware specifications of the console, the DualSense has also been revealed with all his technological goodies, so the only remaining information left to be disclosed by Sony is the price of the console and it’s final design. The leaked dev kits, suggest that Sony has decided for a completely different cooling solution for the PS5, and a more traditional aesthetic for their fans.

Amhad’s tweet might suggest the possibility of Sony to reveal the final details of the console next month. But he actually does not predicts any date. He just states that some announcements will arrive sooner other later.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) represents a big challenge for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. A report from Bloomberg reveals that, Sony has not being able to meet the schedule on their plans for the current fiscal year, a very important meeting was planned to take place at Tokyo to approve business plans related to the PlayStation 5. Insiders told Bloomberg that,  COVID-19 travel restrictions “have prevented Sony engineers from flying to China to direct final adjustments before assembly plants go into mass production.”

There is also the reported rise in the hardware parts that are essential for the PS5. PlayStation and Xbox are facing huge obstacles ahead of the original Holidays launch date. Phil Spencer claims that Microsoft doesn’t have a plan for a 2021 release, but admits that COVID-19 might force a delay if conditions do not improve soon.

It was recently reported that Sony and Xbox might have to sell their next gen devices at a loss in order to compete with each other. The hard competition and the current state of the world would force Sony to sell a limited amount of units in it’s firsts months.

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