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Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Gets More Details

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Oxenfree was a special kind of horror game. Following a group of teenagers trapped on an island with bizarre happenings, the game featured a dialog-driven narrative. While we knew that the sequel to the game would feature a similarly told story, thanks to a PlayStation Blog post we now have a deeper look at the game. We also know now that while the game was originally announced for Nintendo Switch, it will also be coming to both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Unlike the previous game in the series, the main character Riley is not a teenager. Speaking through the Blog Post co-founder of Night School Studio Adam Hines stated:

In Oxenfree, our characters were just finishing high school, and entering that period of time in their lives when they get to decide who they really want to be. Riley had that moment long ago, and is now grappling with the repercussions of post-adolescence. Were the choices she made the right ones for her? Is she who she really wants to be?

This no doubt will offer different perspectives to her narrative and dialog than that of the previous game. It will also be interesting to see what lessons the team learned from their later game AfterParty when it comes to telling a story through witty banter and snide remarks.

Once again the game is set in and around the town of Camena. While the first game saw characters isolated on the nearby Edwards Island, this time around the player will be exploring the town proper. How this will change the experience remains to be seen. However, once again the story will primarily rely on dialog choices that lead to deep conversations, and radio frequencies that contact ghosts and open dimensional rifts.

Currently Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is slated for 2021, though given the state of this year that could easily change.

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