Afterparty In Depth Footage

Afterparty: In-Depth Look During ID@Xbox Game Pass Indie Showcase

Night School Studio recently gave viewers an in-depth look at their upcoming drink em’ up game, Afterparty. The ID@Xbox Game Pass showcase gave us a unique peak at the studio’s intentions with their interesting bar-hopping game, along with some enticing footage of Afterparty.

You can find the extensive coverage for Afterparty buried within the ID@Xbox Game Pass showcase below:

The game places players into the role of two recent college graduates – Milo and Lola – who have suddenly perished followed by being sent to hell. Doomed in hell, players must drink the almighty Satan under the table in order to return to the living. It’s an interesting concept with some neat ideas that seem to be coming together quite well for the indie studio.

Dry and sarcastic humor drips from the game giving players an outrageous outlook on spending their days in the underworld. Players travel from bar to bar taking down drinks and mixing it up with fellow hell dwellers in hopes of finding their way back to Earth.

Meeting at the bar and consuming your alcoholic beverages gives the game a role-playing feel. Players have the option of creating their dialogue options based on the choice of beverage they choose at every bar visited. Some drinks may give players a flirty attitude, while other may make them speak like a pirate. From the looks of it, there’s quite a few options to choose from to best suit your desired personality.

The game also tosses plenty of other side activities into the campaign based on your dialogue choices, such as competing in drinking games like beer pong, grooving on the dance floor, conversations to approach, and much more.

Afterparty is set to release this year for the Xbox One and PC and will be available as a day one launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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