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Oxenfree Now Available to Purchase

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Oxenfree Now Available to Purchase

The self-proclaimed supernatural thriller Oxenfree is out today on Xbox One and Steam. Developed by Night School STUDIO it is a story driven adventure and puzzle game. It also features a dialog system, similar to Life is Strange or The Walking Dead, that is said to influence the outcome of the game. When talking to other characters you get different options of what to ask or answer and the rest of the dialog will change based on that. It makes walking around less tedious as there is almost always a dialog going on.

Here is a trailer for the game:

The characters are voiced by Erin Yvette (The Wolf Among Us), Gavin Hammon (The Walking Dead), Britanni Johnson, (Borderlands 2), Avital Ash (7p/10e) and Aaron Kubin (Jobs). The music for the game was made by SCNTFC, famous for making music to games like Galak-Z and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery. The studio that made the game is new and this is their first game. Night School STUDIO was formed by and consists of Sean Krankel and Adam Hines. Former developers from both Telltale and Disney.

In the game you play as Alex. A girl in her mid to late teens. The game starts with Alex, her best friend and her newly discovered step brother on a boat. They are going to an island to party with some friends. Shortly after they meet up with the friends on the island things start to get strange. Using a radio she brought, Alex seems to be able to tune into frequencies that affects the world in supernatural ways.

It is $19.99 on both Xbox One and Steam. The game is said to be coming to Playstation 4 in the future but the release date is not yet known.

You can find the official site for the game here.

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[…] School Studio – the creators of Oxenfree – released today a brand-new teaser trailer for their upcoming game […]