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5 Best Nintendo Switch Ports
5 Best Nintendo Switch Ports

5 Nintendo Switch Ports You Must Play

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Put Everything On the Nintendo Switch or P.E.T.S has been a popular mantra for Nintendo’s hybrid console since releasing in 2017. It seems with every new release people always ask themselves “When is (insert game title here) coming to Nintendo Switch?”. I have also fallen victim to this question, but with more and more games being ported I wanted to look back at some of the great titles that have made their way over to what is arguably one of the greatest consoles of all time.


5 – Bayonetta 

Bayonetta and its sequel have built a long lasting legacy dating back to 2009 when Platinum Games introduced a spiritual successor to Devil May Cry for all to see. Helmed as one of the greatest action games of all time, Bayonetta wasted no time building its cult classic audience and breaking through to the forefront of gamers everywhere.

Now, a little over 11 years later, Bayonetta has still captured gamers’ hearts. I went back a year ago to see how the remastered ports ran on Switch and was pleasantly surprised to see how well Bayonetta has aged. Unfortunately, I never got around to playing Bayonetta 2 so my only experience with this collection is with the first title, but I loved every second I played.

Running at a smooth and consistent 60 Frames per second, I could pumble my way through both demons and angels without a care in the world regarding slow down and frame tearing. In both docked and undocked modes Bayonetta runs at 720p, which didn’t ruin my experience; even in handheld mode I was able to play comfortably, which, for a fast-paced action game, caught me off guard. 

I would love to return for some high score chasing and even take a crack at the critically and commercially successful sequel. If you are looking for a fun time that will run you around 15 hours I would highly recommend picking up Bayonetta collection!    

4 – Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Super Mario 3D All-Stars came out in celebration of Mario’s 35th birthday and, despite massive controversy regarding the title’s lack of enhancements, slim to none extras, and the limited time release, 3D All-Stars packages together three of the greatest platformers ever conceived on the Nintendo Switch. I loved my time with Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, and Mario Galaxy. Collecting stars, shines, and coins was the highlight of my fall and kept me sane.

All three titles have been brought over with masterful emulation and run perfectly on both my TV and handheld. I found Sunshine and Galaxy aged well in art direction and both games outputting to 1080p during docked mode made the bright colors pop. Moreover, bringing the games in full HD made these classics feel brand new. 

5 Best Nintendo Switch Ports

Each game controls with precision and grace unmatched by most other platformers and when played back-to-back puts into perspective how masterful Nintendo’s developers are and seeing the love for this little plumber always makes me smile. 

3 – Dark Souls Remastered

If Mario makes me smile at the small details and charming NPCs then Dark Souls makes me happy in a different way. I have a soft spot for hard games, especially the Soulsborne titles; each one is masterful in its own right but there is something unique about Dark Souls. 

I believe Dark Souls rings so true for me because the combat is slow and methodical, the world is deep and expansive, and the convoluted and obscure lore will always appeal to me. Having Dark Souls in handheld mode grinding souls while watching TV or chatting with friends was a great way to pass the time. Re-exploring the world of Lordran and encountering seemingly impossible odds always filled me with a bit of hope that I could surpass the challenge this time. 

Nintendo Switch Ports

When Dark Souls originally released in 2008 it was plagued with frame rate issues, especially during the notorious Blighttown sequence; this has since been fixed in the remastered edition. The Switch version may only run at 30 frames per second and run at 1080p docked and 720p while undocked, but being able to play on the go is the main selling point for Dark Souls Remastered. If you are willing to give up some graphical improvements for a more engrossing experience I would highly recommend Dark Souls Remastered on the Nintendo Switch.    

2 – Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

A long forgotten classic made its way over to the Wii U in 2016, a cross between the classic Shin Magami Tensi Persona games and the more recent classic Fire Emblem series. I loved the 30 hours I poured into the original game, but when it was finally announced that Tokyo Mirage Sessions would be making its way onto Switch I was beyond excited to restart and maybe finish the adventure this time. 

Tokyo Mirage Sessions blends the social link system, music, and style from the Persona series with the combat, art style, and charm of the Fire Emblem games beautifully, creating a memorable experience from start to finish. Being ported to Switch I was hoping Tokyo Mirage Sessions would have another shot at life. By adding all the paid DLC from the Wii U version and new character stories, this version acts as the definitive way to play.  

1 – Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive  Edition

I love JRPGs, from Final Fantasy to Persona and everything in-between. I love the long-winded narratives, at times over-the-top characters, and melodramatic scenes. There is something soothing about making my way through each one and satisfying when I finally get to the conclusion after 100 or so hours, but there is one that stands tall above the rest: Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition.

First released on the Wii, Xenoblade instantly became a modern classic, melding MMO style combat with single-player elements, deep character customization, and a large sprawling open world set on two titans. Xenoblade has all the makings of a great JRPG. I first started on New 3DS and fell in love with the portability, but fell off around the 70-hour mark when life got in the way. I hemmed and hawed about restarting for years, until the faithful day that news dropped of a brand new remaster.

Nintendo Switch Ports

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition brought re-rendered character models, UI enhancements, and a plethora of quality of life improvements, and a brand new epilogue allowing players to spend a little more time in the world of  Bionas. I got the best of both worlds with this release: playing on my TV seeing this world in full HD for the first time gave me a sense of awe I wasn’t able to obtain during my first playthrough, handheld mode was fantastic for breaks and playing in bed for hours at a time.

I never encountered any slowdown, frame tearing, or performance issues on the Nintendo Switch. Xenoblade ran without a hiccup and I believe it should be experienced for anyone who played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and anyone with a mild interest in JRPGs.

For the past three years my Switch has been primarily meant to play older games I may have missed from years past, and I have no regrets at the slightest on this fact. With each passing year more and more games get ported and fans’ dreams of P.E.T.S becomes more and more real.

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