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Nintendo Switch Pro
Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Reportedly Using Mini LED on Switch Pro – Rumor

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Reports from the Economic Daily News (via Nintendo Life) affirms that Nintendo has reached Innolux Corporation, a Taiwanese technology firm as the potential supplier of Mini LED screens. This may confirm the existence of the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, or Switch 2.

The mini-LED display is the next generation in LED technology in the industry, basically speaking, engineers managed to produce LED display under 1mm. This represents an advantage in reliability, costs, and view distance.

As explained by Designledpro, The chip size of Mini-LED is 30-100 micron, which is just 1/10 of a traditional chipset, saving a lot cost of the material. Mini-LED was soldered directly on the PCB board, saving the packing cost, shorten the manufacturing process, and improving the cost performance of the LED display.”

The Wall Street Journal affirmed in 2019 that the Japanese tech giant was planning a hardware revision with “enhanced featured targeted at avid gamers”. Interestingly evidence of the rumored next-gen console was found in April 2020 by Mike Heskin in Nintendo Switch’s Ver. 10.0.0.

In August 2020,  Economic Daily News affirmed that Nintendo already designed the allegedly next-gen console, its production is scheduled to begin in late 2020,  The Wall Street Journal  also affirmed in 2019,

More evidence of the alleged Nintendo Switch Pro comes from Suikoden’s Producer, Writer, and Director Yoshitaka Murayama, the veteran affirmed in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Kickstarter campaign that its new RPG will launch for next-gen devices, PS5, Xbox Series X, and a next-gen Switch in 2022.

According to the rumors of the Switch 2 or Switch Pro, Nintendo is designing the portable console to be capable of 4K gaming, the battery life will also be greatly improved while in handheld mode. The new screen is expected to offer more contrast while maintaining optimal levels of brightness, the technology behind OLED displays also offers a wider color gamut.

Source: Economic Daily NewsNintendo LifeDesignLEDPro

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