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Goss Harag Op
Goss Harag Op

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Goss Harag

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Goss Harag is a new addition to the Monster Hunter line up that may just cement itself in the pantheon of fan favorite creatures. Inspired by creatures from Japanese mythology, Goss Harag is a hulking beast that fights with large swings and dashes. This creature also has the ability to transform its paws into ice blades that deal massive damage to anyone unlucky enough to be at the end of its attack.

What to Expect 

Goss Harag may have first time hunters reeling in fear, as he towers overhead even at his smallest size and will charge, headbutt, ground pound, and summon ice blades to replace his basic swipe attack. Goss Harag can cart you in a matter of seconds if you don’t have your guard up.


Goss Harag has two weaknesses: Fire and Electricity. If you have to pick between the two, Fire is the more effective element for damaging the beast. When hunting, you should aim for Goss Harag’s arms and head to cause the most damage.  If you intend to inflict ailments on Goss Harag, you should stick to Blast and Fireblight. Goss Harag has a two star level of weakness to both, so either of these ailments would be useful in a fight.


Claw Attack

Goss Harag will unleash slow yet powerful claw attacks if you are within its line of sight. The beast is able to follow you with this attack, striking at the ground to deal significant damage and knock you down. The best way to avoid this attack is to hold the sprint button and run either diagonally away or directly backwards from the beast.  

Ground Pound 

Goss Harag may appear a lumbering brute, but it is capable of leaping backwards into the air and slamming onto the ground, creating a forward traveling fissure. Thankfully, Goss Harag’s tell provides fair warning; this is the monster’s only attack that allows it to leap up in the air. To avoid harm, you should run to either side as fast as possible.  

Ice Beam

Goss Harag will unleash an ice beam attack that always appears in a pattern. The beast will fire a linear beam that travels up into the air, before firing another beam from its left side to its right. If hit, you will suffer Iceblight, which slows the recharge speed of Wirebugs. You can, however, cure this ailment with ease by using a Nulberry.

To dodge the beam, you need to use the time available after Goss Harag’s first beam has been shot to sprint forward and move to the beast’s right side. Once Goss Harag starts its second beam, you should be safely beside the creature and able to deal some nice damage.

Ice Blades

Goss Harag can transform its hands into blades of ice, adding both damage and range to its already deadly attacks. Thankfully, you can weaken these blades and break them off so as to stagger Goss Harag. The easiest way to go about this process is to wait for Goss Harag to get one blade stuck into the ground, at which point you should unleash a few combos on said blade while the beast tries to pull it free.

Range VS Melee 

Range hunters should be aiming diagonally toward Goss Harag, as this will give you enough time to avoid the beast’s direct attacks and ice beams. You should absolutely come prepared with Dash Juices, Nulberries, and an extra Wirebug for additional mobility.

Melee hunters should make sure they are equipped with the Evade Window skill, as this extends evasion time to give you a few extra frames of invulnerability, in case you need to get some hits in or dodge out of danger. You should also position yourself to the side of Goss Harag in order to maximize combo potential.    

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