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Bishaten OP
Bishaten OP

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Slay Bishaten

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Monster Hunter Rise introduced many new and interesting monsters, but none have been as memorable or as creative in design as Bishaten, who is first encountered in the four star quest Monkey Wrench in Your Plans. 

What to Expect 

Bishaten is highly acrobatic and will flip around, spin, and throw fruit to stun and poison you. Fast and playful in nature, Bishaten possesses several attacks that can leave you desperate for healing. Remember to bring along a fair amount of Antidotes and Herbal Medicines to cure poisoning.  


Bishaten is most weak to Ice attacks, with a lesser degree of weakness to Fire and Electricity. If planning to hunt Bishaten with aliments, you won’t have many options as Bishaten only has a two star weakness to Blast and Iceblight. All other ailments are ineffectual against the creature. You might be disappointed to learn that you cannot cut Bishaten’s tail. However, you are able to destabilize Bishaten by targeting his tail, which will cause him to fall and become staggered.  


Fruit Toss

Bishaten has access to two different types of fruit – one is purple, the other is yellow. The purple fruit will inflict Poison if it hits, while the yellow fruit inflicts Stun in order to leave you vulnerable to a combo from Bishaten. Though hard to avoid, if you find thrown fruit pieces on the ground, you are free to use them as items.

Dash Attack

An attack which involves Bishaten spinning through the air at high speeds, this is rather difficult for melee hunters to dodge. Once Bishaten pushes its tail back and leans its body forward, be sure to side step out of the way as fast as possible to avoid the dash. 

Tail Attack 

Using whatever fruit he has available at the moment, Bishaten will load its hand-like tail with the fruit and slam it down on your perimeter. These fruits can sometimes be ailment-inducing variants like Flash and Poison. To counteract the Flash fruit, spin the left analog stick rapidly to break free of the stun. If you’re trying to avoid direct damage from the attack, leap off to the side of the tail as Bishaten will strike down in a straight line.

Range VS Melee

Range players need to be cautious of Bishaten’s nimble movements, since Bishaten is able to change its direction on the fly and continue pursuing its prey. Staying at the far end of your weapons’ firing range to keep an eye on Bishaten’s movements is the best way to read its attacks.

Melee hunters should attack from the sides; this is a great angle to target Bishaten’s tail and throw it off balance. Bishaten’s speed will make things harder for your average melee hunter, but if you come packing a few Dash Juices and back away after a combo or two, Bishaten shouldn’t pose much of a threat. Your greatest concern should be Bishaten’s dash attack, which will come at you in a split second. Once you see Bishaten move forward, simply back away and you should be able to avoid the attack.

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