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Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Coming on May 6

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Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition will launch for PC via GOG, Steam, and the Epic Games Store, and on May 6, publisher Deep Silver and developer 4A Games confirmed today on a blog post.

It offers additional Ray Tracing features including Advanced Ray Traced Reflections and support for the much requested DLSS 2.0 on NVIDIA hardware, which offers sharper image details and increased framerates and display resolutions. Further collaborating with NVIDIA, this update improves our existing Ray Traced Global Illumination tech innovated with the original release of Metro Exodus to make every light source fully Ray Traced, and implements our Ray Traced Emissive Lighting tech from The Two Colonels throughout the game.

This upgrade is so extensive, it will require a Ray Tracing capable GPU as the minimum spec, and will be delivered as a separate product – it is not a simple ‘patch’ to the base game – instead it will be offered as an extra entitlement to all existing Metro Exodus PC players.

All existing owners of Metro Exodus will receive the Enhanced Edition as a free upgrade.

As previously announced, here are all the upgrades coming to Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition for PC:

  • Full ray-traced lighting throughout—every light source is now ray traced.
  • Next-gen ray tracing and denoising.
  • Next-gen temporal reconstruction technology.
  • Per-pixel ray-traced global illumination.
  • Ray-traced emissive surfaces with area shadows.
  • An infinite number of ray-traced light bounces.
  • The atmosphere and transparent surfaces receive ray-traced bounded lighting.
  • Full ray-traced lighting model support with color bleeding and for every light source.
  • Advanced ray-traced reflections. (PC Enhanced Edition-only.)
  • DirectX 12 Ultimate support (including DXR 1.1 and variable rate shading)
  • GPU FP16 support and thousands of optimized shaders.
  • Support for DLSS 2.0. (PC Enhanced Edition-only.)
  • Addition of field of view slider to main game options.
  • 4K textures added to packages.
  • Further bug fixing/polish pass.

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