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Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus To Support 4K-60 FPS on Xbox Series X – Enhanced Version Announced for PC

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Metro Exodus will run at 4K/60 FPS with full Ray Traced lighting on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. 4A Games also confirmed that the base game and expansions will feature both Ray Traced Global Illumination and the Ray Traced Emissive Lighting.

Players can also expect “dramatically reduced loading times” 4K texture packs, and a range of platform-specific features including spatial audio and controller latency improvements on Xbox, and support for the haptic features of the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller.

4A Games said that Xbox Series S supports the game at 1080p/60 FPS on Xbox Series S, the game will 60 FPS with full Ray Traced lighting.

We’re also working on additional polish and quality of life enhancements, including the ability to change FOV for the first time in a Metro game.

These Gen 9 console versions will release later this year and will be available as a FREE upgrade to all current owners – and we’re delighted to confirm that we will support Smart Delivery on Xbox to deliver this upgrade.

The development team was also thrilled to announce the ‘enhanced edition’ of Metro Exodus for PC. The version will be free to all existing owners. This new edition will take advantage of the latest in GPU technologies like Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0.

When Metro Exodus released almost two years ago, it was one of the first games to feature Ray Tracing (on high-end PC only) thanks to NVIDIA’s new RTX series of graphics cards, although we still utilized many more traditional rendering techniques for console and older PC graphics cards.

And we’ve pushed these enhancements to the limit to take advantage of the latest Ray Tracing capable GPU hardware from NVIDIA and AMD, to create the ultimate version for our PC enthusiast fans.

Metro Exodus is also coming to Mac via the Mac App Store, Steam, and Epic Games Store in March. A Linux version of the game is expected to be available later this year on Steam.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for more gaming news.

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