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Silent Hill
Silent Hill

Konami Teases New Silent Hill Game

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Konami has teased Silent Hill fans with the creepy Silent Hill’s 2 Siren, the publisher also linked the tease with a probable announcement in a new Twitter account.

In recent months, Konami has denied that a new Silent Hill game is being developed, the publisher affirms that the recent post and the new Twitter account should not be taken as the confirmation of a new project: however, Konami tells fans where should they find information of a new Silent Hill.

Easy there internet. We were watching streams of Dead By Daylight and thought we would share the noise and feel of being hunted. We won’t take the tweet down and “backpedal”, we just wanted you to enjoy… We are sorry we got people fired up. Anything official would come from first from @SilentHill or an event or something, not from us. We were just being fans and enjoyed the noise/memories. Sorry everyone, did mean to kill your Friday mood.

It’s very interesting that Konami is redirecting fans to a new Twitter account, fans are still hyped about the idea of a next-gen reboot of the franchise, something that has been leaked by reliable sources and reported several times. If the information is to be believed, Konami reached several third-party publishers in order to delegate the production of two Silent Hill projects, being one a reboot, and the other a much more eye-catching episodic game.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

AestheticGamer leaked that Kojima Productions was one of the first options for the development of one of the two projects, something that was also teased by Kojima Productions. The negotiations between Sony, Kojima, and Konami were unsuccessful, the game’s director announced that he got a project canceled, and shortly after arrived Konami’s confirmation that Silent Hill is not in development.

Fans are still believing that a new Silent Hill can be announced as early as next week, interestingly there was a leak of PS5 reveal event “Future of Gaming”, the leak was unnoticed as the insider chose 4chan as the platform to reveal the information, his information was mostly correct, from the game’s announcements as well as the console huge design. There is still something that it’s missing according to the leaked information, a remake of a PS1 classic that everyone will love.

Source: EuroGamer

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