Massive PS5 Leak Reveals Key Features

A huge amount of PS5 information has leaked on Reddit. This new leak reveals the launch date, pricing, launch titles, and the new features of the Sony PS5. The reveal of the console will take place on dedicated PlayStation event on February 5. A more in depth reveal of the consoles’ controller and key features will take place near E3’s date. Sony is planning two or three State of Play events to keep fans excited.

Sony will host an event on February 5th to unveil the system, controller and key aspects of their plan with another event close to E3 2020 in timing, then one last event shortly before release. There will also be 2 or 3 State of Play’s throughout the year to keep fans excited and remind gamers of other big PlayStation releases.

According to what the leak claims the PS5 will release on October 30, and will cost $500. The suggested retail price of the console might change as Sony has still not decided the SSD size, with the Japanese giant trying to push 2TB of storage.


The exclusive launch titles:

  • Killzone: this game is expected to be a reboot with a “extra focus on multiplayer”. A new SOCOM Reboot is also being developed at Guerrilla Games, using the Decima engine SOCOM is expected to have photo-realistic graphics.
  • Demon’s Souls Remake: This will be a full remake, the title will be somewhat different from the original Miyazaki’s creation.
  • Gran Turismo 7: This is a huge project that has been in development since 2014, this game would receive support for the next 10 years, it’s the largest project ever made by Sony.
  • Ratchet & ClankThis would make the start of a new trilogy, the game will return to space exploration, hoverboots and competitive multiplayer which will be free to play.
  • From Remedy Entertainment a ‘New Multiplayer Title’ (Project Vanguard). Sony is planning to acquire the developer based on the game’s reception.
  • Wild, from Wild Sheep Studio

Non-launch titles to be announced

  • New Horizon Title from Guerrilla Games (2021)New Uncharted Title from New Unnamed Studio (2021)
  • New The Order Title from Ready at Dawn Studios (2021)
  • New Motorstorm Title from Codemasters (2021)
  • New Spider-Man Title from Insomniac Games (2022)
  • New God of War Title from Santa Monica Studio (2022)
  • New Fumito Ueda Title from genDesign (2022)

– Key features of PlayStation 5:

The Sony Ps5 is designed to support up to three games and “multiple media functionalities suspended” while a fourth game is being played.

Players would also be able to have different states of the same game loaded at the same time. Perhaps a way to understand this feature is something similar to what Grand Theft Auto V achieved with three main protagonist on a different location in the city, this would surely be a flex of raw speed of the SSD supported.

Players will also be able to cloud save states of suspended games, something similar to what can be done on a PC with an emulator.

Backwards compatibility

Sony is planning to have available the full PS4 catalogue available for PS5. Several PS1, PS2 and PS3 will be available at launch with more titles joining shortly after. Older titles will feature high FPS, 4K resolution and HDR. Titles like the original Gran Turismo will be displayed on PS5 running at 120 FPS with Ray Tracing enabled.

PSP and PSVita games will also be supported but that functionality will take a couple of years for its development.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

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